Stud Service
  • We can now send fresh chilled semen at the dam
    owners expense. Payment is to be made before
    shipment leaves.

  • A payment of $600 is due upfront and is required
    before the first breeding takes place. Remaining
    balance is due once pregnancy is confirmed or the day
    the puppies are born.

  • We will guarantee at least one live puppy or we will
    refund your stud fee.

  • It is required that if you post one of my dogs on your
    website  or  puppy advertisement, YOU MUST also
    post that he/she belongs to Snowy River Labs.

  • It is also required that all health clearances be sent to
    me with a copy of the dams AKC registration before a
    breeding will take place.
Pricing and Procedure
For females brought here
The stud fee is $1200 + $105 artificial Insemination
fee. This fee is charged to me by the vet. The $105 will
cover 3 different breedings. It is also required that you
do progesterone testing on your female. You will have
to inquire on the cost.  If you choose to board your
female then you will be responsible for the extra cost.
You can call the veterinary clinic for more information if
you wish. The contact information is below.
***Total Stud Fee = $1305***

For shipped semen
The stud fee is $1200 + $35 for semen collection fee +
$200 for shipping container and over night shipping.
Ovulation testing is required for shipped semen.
Total Stud Fee= $1435***
Contact Information
Davis Veterinary Clinic
1424 State Highway 22 west
Dardanelle, Ar  72834

Sandra Keefe
7157 SR 105 N
Russellville, Ar 72802