Snowy River Labs

Purchase agreement and guarantee information

This agreement is being made between Snowy River Labs and ___________________. In consideration of the
purchase price of ______ the seller transfers all rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with the
ownership of the male/female Labrador retriever out of ____________ X _____________directly to the above
name. Transfer takes place the day that the puppy leaves Snowy River Labs.
Health Guarantee
Snowy river Labs guarantees to the Original Purchaser the dog specified above to be free from all genetic or
non-genetic diseases for 7 days from the purchase date. The purchaser may have the dog examined by a
veterinarian of their choice within 7 days of possession. After the 7 days purchaser assumes all responsibility
and liability for any non-genetic medical conditions.
Puppies determined to be defective or sick should be returned to the kennel within 7 days of the diagnosis. The
returned puppy will be replaced with a different puppy as soon as possible. . The Purchaser will be responsible
for the transportation cost of shipping the dog back to the kennel. Snowy River Labs does not guarantee the
ability or suitability of a dog to reproduce or to be used for breeding. Puppies are not guaranteed for accidental
injury, death, abuse or theft.

Hip Dysplasia, P.R.A., and Retinal Dysplasia
Snowy River Labs guarantees to the original purchaser that the dog specified above to be free of all genetic
diseases of the hips, elbow and eyes until 12 months of age, as long as the dog is kept on NuVet vitamins. In
the event of emergence of any genetic diseases of the hips, elbows or eyes diagnosed by a licensed
veterinarian, purchaser shall immediately notify seller of such condition and diagnosis. Seller shall replace dog
specified above subject to the following, as long as the dog is on NuVet vitamins.

1. Seller, at their option, may require the Purchaser to forward all medical records; x-rays and other information
relied upon for the diagnosis to the Seller for a secondary opinion from a licensed veterinarian. Seller also has
the option, at their expense, to require the dog be examined by a second licensed veterinarian. Expenses from
the initial diagnosis and shipping of all medical records to the seller, is the responsibility of the purchaser.

2. In the event that both veterinarians arrive at the same diagnosis the dog shall be replaced with a dog of
equal or comparable breeding.

3. In the event that there are differing diagnoses, Purchaser may request a third examination by a licensed
veterinarian agreeable to the Seller. All expenses associated with the third examination are the responsibility of
the Purchaser. The diagnosis from the third veterinarian will be binding.

4. All transportation charges for the replacement dog are the responsibility of the Purchaser.

5. The dog must be registered to the Original Purchaser at the time of diagnosis.

6. All dogs must be registered with AKC. All AKC registered names will start with Snowy River's.

7. If full registration is obtained on your puppy, the purchaser agrees to not breed the dog until she has
reached a minimum of 2 years of age. Failure to wait until the dog has reached 2 years old will result in your
guarantee being void. Purchaser also agrees not to breed any puppy from Snowy River Labs to any dog that
carries or expresses the dilute gene. Breeding any Snowy River Lab puppy to a dog that carries or expresses
the dilute gene is a direct violation of this contract and the dog is to be returned to Snowy River Labs with the
AKC papers signed back over to Sandra Keefe with in 1 week of the violation. All dogs purchased from Snowy
River Labs (Sandra Keefe) are required to have a minimum of hips and elbows evaluated by OFA or Penn Hip
prior to breeding.

8. If full registration is being sold the purchaser agrees and swears that they do not own or breed dilute or dilute
factored dogs. The purchaser also agrees that they are not associated in a business manner with any dilute
kennels. The purchaser agrees that the dog will not be boarded or kept at any dilute affiliated kennel or bred to
any stud dog or bitches owned by a breeder that raises or owns dilute or dilute factored Labrador retrievers.
Purchaser understands by signing this sales agreement that violation of any part of this contract will result in
the dog being returned to Snowy River Labs with the AKC papers signed back over to Sandra Keefe. Any dog
that is determined to have to be returned shall not be altered before being returned. Violation of this subsection
will result in a $5000 fee. By signing this contract the purchaser agrees to pay Snowy River Labs $5000 if they
are found to have violated any part of the full registration stipulations.

9. If the puppy/dog is ever sold or given away. The new owners contact information is to be provided to Sandra
Keefe on or before the day that ownership transfers. Sandra Keefe is to be given first option of buying any
puppies/dogs back that were purchased from Snowy River Labs, for the original purchase price before they are
offered up for sale or given away. The purchaser agrees to allow Snowy River Labs a minimum of 7 days to
arrange transportation for any dog that is being bought or given back to Snowy River Labs. Any unaltered dogs
are prohibited from being sold to a new owner on full registration. All full registration dogs that have already
been offered back to Snowy River Labs AND REFUSED must be spayed or neutered before being re homed.

10. All puppies will be registered prior to leaving Snowy River Labs. All puppies will be registered and required
to have an AKC registered name that begins with Snowy Rivers. If you have a preferred AKC name, then that
name is to be turned into Snowy River Labs no later than the day the puppies turn 5 weeks old. Failure to
comply will result in Snowy River Labs choosing the registered name of the puppy on the new owners behalf.

11. All kennels are to give Snowy River Labs their kennel name prior to purchasing a puppy from Snowy River
Labs. No information about your kennel shall be with held from Snowy River Labs in order to be eligible to
purchase a puppy. If you are a sister kennel with another kennel then the sister kennel name must also be

12. Slander in any form against Snowy River Labs or Sandra Keefe are prohihibited and will be a direct violation
of this contract. Any purchaser found to Slander Snowy River Labs or Sandra Keefe will be required to pay
Snowy River Labs a $2000 fee. Slander will be considered any written or spoken words that will cause a loss of
business to Snowy River Labs.  

13. Any and all rude text messages or threats will be considered a direct violation of this contract. The
purchaser agrees that by signing this sales agreement that they understand that rude or threatening messages
will result in termination of contact between Snowy River Labs and the purchaser. The termination of contact will
also result in Snowy River Labs being released of all obligations set forth in this contract.